Wednesday, May 3, 2017

American Cinematography: The Video by Matthew Kohn

After The Adventurist was recorded and mastered I played the finished tapes for folks at a few record labels. After about 6 months I found out that my favorite label, Omnivore Records was up for putting out the album. Wow! I was really excited now. So first up, make a video. 

I was out in New York June 2016, doing some shows with Al Stewart (yep, Year of the Cat) and I stayed with my film-maker friend Matthew Kohn in Brooklyn. We tossed around the idea of him making me a video of one of the songs and I assumed it would be I Like Cats/You Like Dogs. No, Matt was really sure he wanted to make a video around the song American Cinematography. 

Let me tell you a little about Matthew Kohn. He's one of my favorite people on the planet. Not just because he cares about the planet, but because he makes films to help people see stuff that's happening in the cracks and crevices of life on planet earth. His documentary Call It Democracy looked at the electoral process and it's controversies in the 2000 to 2004 election period. Recently he's been finishing up a film in Sudan, about Sudan. 

Cool. So Matt wanted to film something for American Cinematography. Problem was his good ideas would take time, and I was only in town a few days, and a cast of organized friends wasn't gonna happen fast. We tossed more ideas around. I talked to Matt about films I liked that looked kind of spontaneous like Pennebakers Dylan documentary Don't Look Back, which seemed so off the cuff. 

Or the look of Andy Warhol's films. I have been a big fan of Warhol's Screen Tests for a while. Edie Sedgwick staring boldly and coquettishly at the camera. Dennis Hopper looking so dramatic just via the lines on face/ like a great sculpture. Or the young starlit that stares at the camera while crying, in slow motion a single tear. 

I suggested to Matt that we try doing nothing and see what comes of it. And so that is what we set out to do. Rather than have the visuals propel the song forward the film sits back and lets the song do all the work. 

And I have to say, its very hard to stare at a camera for minutes at a time. Each one of these series of shots were with Matt setting the camera up on a tripod somewhere in Brooklyn and leaving it alone while I stare back at the black eye of the lens. Its both uncomfortable and intimate. Then I left town and Matt pulled the footage together. So in between the film club nights he holds in Manhattan, and going out to see cool music/art shows and making that film about South Sudan, he made this little film for American Cinematography. 

Here's more on Matt....

Friday, April 28, 2017

American Cinematography

(image by Matthew Kohn)

American Cinematography

The first song on The Adventurist; it was recorded live in Santa Monica with David Schwartz on bass and Michael Jerome Moore on drums and me on guitar and vocals in 2015. The cello parts, played by Renata Bratt were added later in Santa Cruz and finally the piano, played by Robert Lloyd was recorded by Sheldon Gomberg in Los Angeles. Sheldon mixed the song. 

*       *       *

The writing of the album began in early 2011. I had gotten my increasingly ill husband placed in a nursing home in 2009 and I'd had the desire to use the feelings (anxiety, sadness and frustration) that generated to write new songs. I very specifically had the idea that I would not write about the sadness of loss, rather I would write about the incredible feelings of love and desire that had brought me into relationship with my husband in the first place. It took another year and half, after my husband began his life in the nursing home, before the new song cycle started up. 

American Cinematography was written about mid-way through the song-cycle which became The Adventurist. It was a continuation, and another perspective for me, on the concept of Tone-Poems on Love and Desire.

*      *      *

 (image by Matthew Kohn for Amer Cin. video)

American Cinematography
In a small frame I’ll paint a big story
with American cinematography
your face holds a secret territory
my love is revealed in your geography.

All the miles of mountain and valleys
in American cinematography
exist in one panoramic highway
with a flicker of light and a melody.
Blue convertible flyin’ down the highway
red scarf riding like a lovers get-away
that feeling of timeless-wild-kisses
in American Cinematography